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History of the Annuitants Association

Early History

This initial chapter in the history of ISUAA describes the founding and development of ISUAA, one of the charter chapters of the State Universities Annuitants Association. Compiled by Ethel Stein and Oressa McQueen, the document includes an appendix listing the initial members and annual listings of officers and directors.

Years 1971-1990

Decade of Growth

Compiled by George Tuttle and Mark Plummer, this document highlights ISUAA activities during a decade of dramatic growth in chapter membership. Included are yearly lists of officers and directors as well as lists of those who served SUAA, the state organization.

Years 1991-2000

Recent Years

The continuation of the ISUAA history written by Christ Schwelle. The history highlights activities and issues for each year and has an appendix containing lists of those who have served in leadership positions.

Years 2001-2011

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